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5 Brochure Copywriting Breakthroughs to Generate Donations (Plus One Savvy Way to Save Cash AND Boost Results)

Brochure Copywriting Breakthroughs to Generate Donations

This article was originally published in NonProfit PRO.

To help you get the most from your outreach efforts, here’s a collection of five brochure copywriting breakthroughs. Gathered from nonprofit marketing pros, these tips can motivate your target market to give, give again, get involved — whatever you ultimately want them to do. Continue reading

Your Marketing Collateral Game-Changer: Super-Affordable Print Embellishments

Super-Affordable Print Embellishments

Print embellishments help your marketing collateral deliver a more powerful message. But for many organizations, embellishments have been far too expensive to use. Fortunately, that’s changing. Below, we’ll describe four affordable print embellishments to elevate your collateral’s quality—and ultimately its effectiveness. Continue reading